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New show from Circus Oz

Australia’s national circus company, Circus Oz, returns to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) with a new show, Model Citizens, in the Playhouse from 12 to 15 April.

Audiences will be taken on a journey by the Circus Oz ensemble, exploring what it really means to be a model citizen in our ‘lucky’ country today.

Set in a model kit world, Model Citizens blends the risk, beauty and rawness of acrobatic circus with live music, stunning lighting, physical improbability and some absurdity.

In the first creation to be directed by Circus Oz’s new Artistic Director, Rob Tannion, Model Citizens breaks conventions of scale, as oversized everyday objects open up an intriguing world of possibilities taking on new life as exciting and unexpected circus equipment.

Delighting itself into the hearts of generations of audiences for nearly four decades, Circus Oz embraces its role as Australia’s National Circus.

Artistic Director Rob Tannion said Model Citizens celebrates the foundation and ethos of Circus Oz while taking the company on a new journey.

“Audaciously unpacking the myths of modern Australia, Model Citizens aims to challenge our preconceptions of the creative process and expectations of what our audiences will see and experience on stage”, said Tannion.

Circus Oz’s rock-n-roll, animal free performances, loved by both adults and children alike, celebrates breath-taking stunts, irreverent humour, cracking live music and their all human ensemble, promoting the best of the Australian spirit: generosity, diversity, death-defying bravery and a fair go for all.

Tickets on sale now via or call 136 246.

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