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Eric Scott lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Eric is well known within the Brisbane theatre scene for his play scripts and theatre criticisms. He has also performed on stage in many Brisbane theatres.

He is also a regular broadcaster on the Spectrum arts program now podcast on Listen in for the latest theatre reviews and previews and then check them out here, online.

His theatre reviews are now also syndicated to national entertainment e-zine - which is a good place to find out what's happening around the country. Reviews and travel stories are also sindicated to The Blurb and and he is a Top Contributor to Tripadvisor with more than 13000 hits.

His adult comedies and dramas have received rave reviews over the years and his many plays for teenagers are produced regularly in high schools and on the festival circuits. He has also written four children's musicals in collaboration with musicians John E Regan and Deanne Scott. The Great Fairytale Robbery, Windsong and Extended Relations have recently been published by Lazybee Scripts in the UK.

These plays are all available in hard copy or Microsoft Word files for interested theatre companies. Check  Books and plays menu for plotlines, cast numbers, cost of scripts and royalties. Plus what the critics said about various productions.Over the past year he has had eleven books published, Memoirs, Adult fiction, Young Adult and Children's fiction. Check Books and Plays menu for all details.




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