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Keep sending your info or opinion to this site by emailing me at It’s all free publicity, so what do you have to lose? And please spread the word. The more readers, the more effective the website is for everyone. You can also catch up on the latest info on Instagram, scott_media.  In Travel Tales and Travel News you will find plenty of news you don’t get in the Newspapers. Have a look at the news, travel reviews, and stories.

On a personal note, my new novel Beauties and the Beast has just been released by Andrews UK. It is based on my play I Don’t Do Auditions and is a supernatural erotic horror story. On sale at all online books sites for around $16. It is also an e-book. Please support your local author!





Have you had a brush with celebrity?


Send us your photo and details and we will publish it.


We are also happy to publicise community theatre events

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