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Review - Maho Magic Bar: A jaw-dropping immersive theatre experience

By Liv Wilson

Maho Magic Bar

Kirsten Siddle – Creator, Director & Designer

Dawn Holland – Production Manager

Ruth Gardner - Bar Manager

Bella Sim – Company Stage and Venue Manager

Oliver Hermann – Technical Coordinator

Ryan Ritchie – Music Production

Location – Maritime Green, Northshore, Hamilton, Brisbane

Cocooned within a riot of neon and with a delicious drink in hand, charismatic master magicians perform just for you. Direct from Japan, these tricksters will conjure a glittering Tokyo night full of delicious drinks, astonishing acts and crazy fun! As part of the early Brisbane Festival line up, the Northshore has been transformed into a dazzling space for Brisbane locals to enjoy Maho Magic Bar. Part show. Part bar. All magic!

As I entered the Maho Magic Bar I can’t say that I knew what to expect, where to look or what aspect of the space to take in first- I had simply never seen anything like it before! That quickly turned into complete and utter jaw-dropping awe as the 5 close-up magicians performed what I can only describe as real life magic right in front of our eyes.

Maho Magic Bar creator, director and designer Kirsten Siddle is responsible for bringing this outstanding experience to life. Siddle’s personal love for Japanese culture and her desire to create a space that Australians can step into and be transported to Tokyo has translated into a show that mustn’t be missed. The entire performance is a masterfully crafted experience and one that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The audience was directed to their seats which were placed around a portion of a large bar which wrapped around the whole space. Think: Teppanyaki style bar in the round but with magic and cocktails. Each magician rotated around the bar performing different routines and tricks. The center of the room was kept clear for ‘group magic’ and audience participation. Normally the idea of audience participation at a magic show seems slightly mundane but all I can say is that if you get the opportunity to participate in a routine, take the chance! It will be nothing like you expect.

Sho Eba, the host of the evening, brought an unbelievable level of charisma and genuine enthusiasm to the show. Eba’s natural humour, quick wit and cheeky remarks were a personal favourite of the night and helped elevate the audience experience.

The magicians Santa, Kaori, Sarito and Shirayuri were out of this world! I was left speechless time and time again, as were the other audience members at the bar. Each element of the show was exquisitely timed, rehearsed impeccably and executed to a level of perfection I don’t think I’ve seen before in Brisbane.

Maho Magic Bar is open until 25th September 2022 with performances Wednesday-Sunday evenings. Please note: this show is best suited for people ages 18+ however there are special family friendly performances available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. This is a 60 minute experience that you simply cannot miss! You can purchase tickets for the regular and family friendly shows here:

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