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Taking adventure to new heights

Taking adventure to new heights, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort has added an advanced phase to its mountain climbing experience, incorporating nearly 200 metres of via ferrata snaking across the cliff edge as well as Oman’s first mountain zip lines. The Ultimate Jabal Activity Wall is not for the fainthearted as the new climbing route is one of the highest in the Middle East, providing intrepid travellers with a new way to experience Oman’s Green Mountain and its expanse of craggy cliffs and limestone rock formations.

Meaning “iron road” in Italian, the via ferrata course comprises a series of steel cables that wrap around the mountain side, offering an unsurpassed view of the vast valley from an exhilarating, and otherwise inaccessible angle and providing the perfect photo opportunities. Designed with the highest European safety standards, the new course ranges from entry level to advanced, ensuring it is suitable for all abilities, with a series of escape routes allowing any uneasy climbers to quickly ascend back up to the mountaintop. A team of certified instructors, trained by a highly experienced British mountain guide, are on hand to assist climbers as they attach themselves to the cables using a waist harness and a locked carabiner system, dispensing with the need to clip and unclip for extra safety.

The adventure then begins, as climbers use their hands and a series of strategically placed metal steps to trace their way along the vertical rock face, before navigating jagged rock formations, ladders and vertical stairs. Below, a vast canyon plunges to 1,000 metres at its deepest point, providing climbers with a front row seat to as they soak in the peaceful silence. Towards the end of the hour-long climb, two zip lines suspended high above the canyon allow thrill seekers to fly through the air for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Surrounded by mountains and enjoying cool temperatures throughout the year, Anantara Al Jabal Akhdar Resort presents couples and families alike with a range of authentic mountain escapes and experiences. Guests looking for an adventurous getaway can take advantage of the resort’s exhilarating activity programme and immerse themselves into the rich local heritage and landscape. Travelers looking for a more relaxed affair, or simply want to unwind after a day of adventure, can do so the resort’s world-acclaimed Anantara Spa which harnesses the essence of Arabia and boasts ancient hammam rituals.

Those looking to add an element of adventure to their stay at Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort can choose from the following courses available:

Beginners can book the Jabal Activity Wall from 30.00++ OMR per person, or 55.00++ OMR per couple. This includes a 90 minute session with expert guidance from two certified instructors. Maximum of four clients per group, aged nine years and above. Maximum weight of 100kgs.

More experienced climbers can book The Ultimate Jabal Activity Wall from A$182 per person, or A$264 per couple. This includes a two-hour climbing session with expert guidance from two certified instructors. Maximum of four clients per group aged sixteen years and above. Maximum weight of 100kgs.

For more information or to make a reservation, please go to

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