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STC gets a dose of hay Fever

Right: Heather Mitchell and Tony Llewellyn-Jones

Sydney Theatre Company’s next production is Noel Coard’s Hay Fever from 11 April to 21 May 2016 in the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

Heather Mitchell, Helen Thomson, Genevieve Lemon, Josh McConville, Tony Llewellyn-Jones and Harriet Dyer are amongst the cast wielding the wit and illuminating the heart of Noël Coward in his classic comedy of bad manners, Hay Fever, directed by Imara Savage..

The Bliss family are a bohemian bunch comprised of a once celebrated stage diva, her novelist husband, their painter son and a soulful daughter. When each of them invites a guest to spice up a weekend in the country - without telling the others - the unsuspecting visitors

Cast: Briallen Clarke, Tom Conroy, Alan Dukes, Harriet Dyer, Genevieve Lemon, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Josh McConville, Heather Mitchell, Helen Thomson

Bookings: 02 9250 1777.

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