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Review - There’s Something About Music: something special

By Liv Wilson

There’s Something About Music

Little Red Theatre Co.

Created by Adam Brunes & Naomi Price

Brisbane Powerhouse

Season runs until Saturday 13th November. Bookings on

They don’t call her ‘Brisbane’s leading lady’ for no reason! Naomi Price (pictured) is at it again with a phenomenal production of There’s Something About Music, a 90min show revisiting favourite songs from popular rom-coms.

This outstanding cast was led by Price (Sweet Charity, Rumour Has It), in the only fashion she knows: loud, proud and with energy for days!

She was complimented by the outstanding, Luke Kennedy (The Voice, Ten Tenors), Irena Lysiuk (Christmas Actually, Your Song) and Mat Verevis (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical). I had the pleasure of attending opening night of this production and I would easily go a second, third or fourth time.

This production first came to the Brisbane Powerhouse in February 2021 & was brought back by popular demand, with a few additions and edits. Initially Lucy Maunder was set to reprise her role in the show, however through COVID-19, she was unable to leave Melbourne to do so. Swooping in at the last minute & rounding out the cast was Irena Lysiuk who learnt the show in 48hrs: there’s no business like show business! You would have never known she was learning the dialogue and songs just a few days prior: she was outstanding.

I saw this production when it opened in February2021 & thoughtit was phenomenal, I would even go as far to say it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in Australia. Now, after seeing it a second time, with the addition of Lysiuk, I can confidently say I thought the reprise was better than the original!

From the opening number I knew this production had : something special something special ething specito offer; maybe it was the die hard rom-com fan in me, but this experience took me on a nostalgic journey through all of my most cherished 90’s films.

This well rounded team brought their own unique shine to the show; none brighter than Price’s characterisation of Bridget Jones - you’ll have to see the show to understand why this was so utterly brilliant! She was heartbreaking and hilarious.

Whilst the entire cast was phenomenal, as always, I would be mistaken to pass up the opportunity to mention Verevis’ breathtaking rendition of Kissing You (Romeo +Juliet, Baz Luhrmann) which blanketed the audience in a still, thoughtful silence. Verevis played his part in this show to perfection.

If you’re familiar with The Little Red Theatre Co., you’ll know that their musicians are second to none, they often take on their own role in these shows. So it’s only fitting that they receive recognition for their exceptional talents; they lead the energetic pace from start to finish. It was a truely spectacular performance from this ‘cast’ as well- bravo!

Having seen a number of The Little Red Theatre Co.’s productions, I was intrigued when I learnt that this show featured elements of ‘audience interaction’, not something they typically incorporate. As the show played out we learnt, in true rom-com style, there would be a wedding at the end of the show. It was the audiences role to choose (via their iPhones) which of the performers would wed & I have to say, it was a very fun way to create a modern level of connection between the performers and audience.

The charisma of the performers, picture perfect 90’s costuming, crafted exquisitely by Laura Churchill & lively music was the perfect mix of new and nostalgic.

Do yourself a favour and get out to see this production; it’ll have you singing, dancing and laughing in your seat- something we could all use right now!

P.S. Naomi, if you’re reading this: yes, this is Liv from the front row! The one you picked on to speak to in your introduction.


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