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Review – Rumours: a must see for all who love comedy


By Neil Simon

Directed by Simone de Hass

Growl Theatre

Windsor school of arts


Season runs until March 14: Bookings:

Growl Theatre is an amateur company based in Windsor in the beautiful old Windsor Arts building on Lutwyche Road. It has taken me sometime to wend my way there but I was so pleased I did because the presentation and performance of Neil Simon’s Rumours directed by Simone de Hass is simply superb and on an equal level to anything we might see in professional theatre.

The competent cast lead by Lexy Suttor, Brad Ashwood and Lisa Hickey, are well balanced and highly energetic. The whole play is pivotal on timing and punctuality and the cast have managed to nail this.

The audience spent an evening in tears and laughter as the story unfolded. A 10th wedding anniversary set in the town house of the Deputy Mayor of New York – who has accidentally shot himself in the ear before the four couples, arrive for the dinner. Nothing is prepared and the wife is missing.

The lawyer decides on a suitable cover up which as you would expect becomes progressively more complicated as the evening wears on and the story becomes mixed and less believable as the nobody can remember exactly what has been said and what has been told to whom and when.

The intensity of the situation deepens and darkens as events unfold and the police finally arrive to try and investigate another incident outside. The situation continues to build momentum and does not disappoint even at the conclusion

Full marks to Growl Theatre on this wonderful presentation, which runs from Feb 6 – March 14 at the Windsor Arts Building on Lutwyche Rd – side street parking and costs are $17 concessions and $20 adults – a must see for all who love comedy.

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