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New Brisbane theatre collective’s indie debut

Following a successful run at the Festival of Australian Student Theatre in 2018, The Naughty Corner is running another season of Something in the Water. The original cast will be returning with a new take on the original text written by Bianca Bality and Joe Wilson

In a town where nothing ever happens and no one ever leaves, best friends Toni, Shane, Mark and Melanie spend their time drinking at their broken down local, swimming at the dam and kicking around their dust-bowl town. Unable to shake the labels they assigned to one another as children, the teens are desperate to shake things up. Over the course of a single evening old friendships are tested and a seemingly innocent night of drinking and games ends in disaster. Something in the Water is a brand new play that explores teenage angst, betrayal and the ugly business of growing up.

“”Do you feel like you’re living?” There is something unsettling that simmers just beneath the surface of Something in the Water. This isn’t just your typical coming of age story” Says writer and The Naughty Corner creative Joe Wilson.

Writer and The Naughty Corner creative Bianca Bality said: “This play is what would happen if Heathers was set in the backyards of Kilcoy. Teen revenge thrillers don’t often unfold on the local stage, but Something in the Water offers it’s audiences something raw and exciting that provokes thought and conversation well after leaving the theatre.

“I think the most compelling and distressing element of this piece is that, while the characters, their location and their situation are entirely fictional, the events that transpire between them could very easily appear in the paper or online tomorrow. Joe and I set out as writers to both entertain and interrogate, we wanted to explore the why? Why did it happen? Why now? Why them? - We as humans are always looking for answers and rationale to understand why terrible things happen to people, but too often the why of it just doesn’t satisfy - and why should it? Terrible things happen and it’s madness.”

The Naughty Corner was founded in 2018 by Bianca Bality, Jess Bunz, Claire McFadyen and Joe Wilson.

Something in the Water plays at Metro Arts Lumen Room 27 - 29 June 2019.

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