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QSE with something a little different

The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble (QSE) returns to Brisbane’s Roma Street Parkland Amphitheatre, with something a little different…An ensemble of 15 actors will present Hamlet and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead in ‘rep’: alternating shows each night with actors playing the same role in both plays!

Prince Hamlet is having a rough time. After his father’s death, he is overlooked for the crown in favour of the guy who killed his Dad and, even worse, married his mum. Caught between cultures and philosophies, Hamlet careens between paralysis and unconsidered action. Part philosopher, part improvised explosive device, Hamlet is the anti-hero we are all afraid we might become, and secretly want to.

Inspired by Hamlet and a classic in its own right Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead sees two ‘minor’ characters take centre stage. These ordinary folks vacillate between witty banter and philosophical ponderings on the point of their existence all while being flung in and out of the orbit of the Prince of Denmark.

“It’s a tale for anyone who has ever felt out of their depth and in over their head… so everyone really!” says Director Rebecca Murphy. “These plays reflect the disconnection and frustration of our own fishbowl lives. Each play illuminates the other while standing alone.” Artistic Director, Rob Pensalfini.

The company will once again be running its community initiatives A Night at the Theatre (ANATT) and Relaxed Performance. First run in 2016 ANATT invites patrons to make a donation of the price of a ticket, QSE then works with community partners Australian Red Cross , Communify, and Arafmi Queensland to share tickets with people who might not have otherwise been able to experience live theatre.

A Relaxed Performance of Hamlet will be held at 2 pm on September 1 . Relaxed performances are designed to welcome those who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment including, but not limited to, individuals with sensory sensitivity.

Season: August 25-September 9.

Visit for more information.

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