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Big night for Francophiles

Lots of French wine and the people who drank it!

As summer comes to a close and the leaves begin to change, it’s that time of year again for Brisbane.

The annual Alliance Française French Film Festival has opened for avid Francophiles and French expats alike to enjoy a slice of Le cinéma. Français, the latest French cinema.

From César to Palme D’or award winners this line up is looking to be the best event yet. Last night was a little taste of what this Festival has to offer.

With a preview screening of Jalouse or Jealous, directed and written by brother duo David and Stéphan Foenkinos and starring Karin Viard, the festival started off in style.

With slick, witty and at times profound dialogue Jalouse follows the story of Nathalie, a divorced literature professor and mother of one. She initially becomes jealous of her daughter, but then her toxic behaviour and manner extends beyond her small family unit, intruding on her professional life and extended relationships, with lingering consequences.

Whilst this sudden and abrupt transformation turns Nathalie’s life upside down she emerges, much like a butterfly undergoing its metamorphosis, with a bittersweet change. Jalouse is the kind of film that neatly side steps clichés in the effort of providing viewers with a compelling, relatable work, punctuated with moments of levity and comedic timing, which Viard brings out effortlessly. The evening wrapped up with a panel involving director David Foenkinos who gave some interesting insight into the world of French cinema and his life as an author slash screenwriter.

What this panel really taught me personally was that the amount of time and effort that goes into a film whether that be in France or Australia, is no small feat. Each and every part of the creative team works together to create magic for their audience, even just one person, and that is magic enough for me.

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