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Japanese drummers head for Australia

Yamato The Drummers Of Japan are touring Australia from 8 September to 6 October including stops in Sydney, Queensland, Perth and Adelaide.

Since 1993, YAMATO have performed in 53 countries around the world, reaching more than six million people.

Yamato bring new life to the traditional Japanese taiko and wadaiko drums by paying respect to its rich history and exploring contemporary drumming styles.

Beginning with the boom of a taiko drum made from a large 400 year-old tree, performers move their whole bodies to strike the drum with a powerful surge of energy that uplifts audiences in sync with the rhythm and intensity.

Yamato is based in a village called Asuka, known as the birthplace of Japanese culture, and the group prides themselves on their expression of the ancient Japanese spirit.

They live together in a community and create everything themselves, including the musical compositions, lighting design, choreography, performance techniques, makeup, and props such as the bachi (sticks) used in performances. In a first for the company, Yamato will wear outfits designed by international fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto.

Yamato’s newest display of originality and innovation takes the form of The Challengers tour performing in 16 cities across Australia, offering an anthem of encouragement to all to pursue life’s challenges with courage. for tour details

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