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Golf club with a difference

In the heart of Fortitude Valley there’s an old church that has been home to late night dance clubs, now, there’s a transformation happening… the dark walls are being art worked, the place is being filled. Colour, crazy and chaos is about to reign, and in such a good way!

From the people behind Strike Bowling comes Holey Moley Golf Club, at home at 25 Warner Street – it’s a cocktail bar, mini-golf course, work of art, retro and social commentary rolled into one venue that will open from 10 am until late.

It will open on September 29.

There’ll be two different nine-hole course to choose from, with punters putting around 18 uniquely themed holes. Here’s just a hint – think a mash up of Alice in Wonderland, surfing culture, puppeteers, retro video game, Nirvana, Snoop Dog, Pharrell Williams and Chubby Checker, Game of Thrones and Classic Carnival.

There’s a gourmet kitchen and lots cocktail - the Tee Quila Mocking Birdie, Teeyonce Holes, Long Island Iced Tee, G & Tee to name a few (the contents of which remain closely guarded until opening day!).

Of special note is the Tigertini (the Martini with a nod to the man himself), the Arnold Palmer (aka an Old Fashioned) and the So Par So Good (a take on the Cosmopolitan). Of course there’s the Don’t Worry Be Hoppy Beer List and a line-up for Tee-Totalers. !

Holey Moley Golf Club

25 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley

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