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Hamlet - now fun for kids

Right: The Listies

Sydney Theatre Company presents The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark - a “badaptation” of Shakespeare’s tale by children’s comedy duo The Listies this June at Wharf 1 Theatre, directed by Declan Green with design by Renée Mulder.

The Listies are Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins, a duo who make and perform comedy for kidults (kids and their adults). They’re known as maestros of children’s theatre and their storytelling, comedic genius and imaginations have made kids all over the world fall in love with theatre while howling with laughter.

Now, the duo have created a new, very cheeky version of Hamlet for children – and according to them it’s “amazetastic” to be working with Sydney Theatre Company for the first time.

Hamlet is full of thrilling things that kids love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, fake blood and spooky stuff. Enter super-sonic gags, expertly timed stage trickery and special effects unlike anything kids have seen before and you have a very cleverly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for everyone aged five and over.

Audiences can expect bonus pillow fights, pirates, ninjas, ninja pirates, aliens, ninja pirate aliens, zombies and a bunch of other hilarious stuff as The Listies take kids and their adults on a fun-filled hour of mayhem that mischievously celebrates the excitement and unpredictable nature of live theatre.

Director Declan Green co-runs independent theatre company Sisters Grimm which, having developed a cult following for their fiercely smart, anarchic comedies, have rapidly progressed to appearing regularly in the programs of major performing arts companies. At STC, Green has previously directed Little Mercy in 2013 and the Helpmann Award nominated Calpurina Descending in 2014.

Co-creators: Declan Greene and The Listies. Director: Declan Green. Designer: Renée Mulder. Lighting Designer: Verity Hampson. Composer & Sound Designer: Jed Palmer. With: Richard Higgins, Matt Kelly and Olga Miller.

Box Office: 02 9250 1777.

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