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Madeline Cain the multi-role Cats star

Above: The spectacular new set of Cats.

Right: Madeline Cain chats with Eric Scott.

There are more of Deanne Scott's photos from the Media call at the end of the story.

The press were given a look at the brilliantly and spookily lit new set for the Brisbane production of Cats at the Lyric Theatre yesterday and the full company danced and sang the opening number Jellical Songs for Jellical Cats and the Act Two opener, Shimbleshanks the Railway Cat. This is a particularly spectacular production.

We were told too that there were some changes from previous productions, including a revamped tap number and the introduction of Rap.

I also got to meet Brisbane actor Madeline Cain, now a veteran of the Cats family.

Madeline is never quite sure what is going to happen when she turns up for a performance. You will her name in the program as “Swing; vocal captain” but on the second last preview night she was Grizabella.

Delta Goodrem had come down with the ‘flu and as well as missing the press call would not be on stage.

But you night also see Madeline as Jennyanydots, Jellylorum or Griddlebone, because she covers all those roles. In her dressing room she has photo of each character and their makeup design.

Is it hard to remember which makeup is which? “Not at all,” she said, “we have photographs of each character I might play and our make-up artists are on the ball if I need help.”

Of course she is no stranger to Cats; she was Jellylorum in the 2010 run of the show and rejoined the cast in 2014, which means she has been on the road for several years, except for a hiatus for the birth of her son Jackson.

Luckily she has a love of travel – her first job was lead singer on the cruise ship Pacific Princess – and she has toured with this revival to Singapore, Korea, and Macau.

Madeline’s husband Jordon and almost four-year-old son Jackson joined her on this tour and they had a fabulous time.

Jackson wasn’t exactly born in a trunk, but he was seven months old when he started touring with his Mum and Dad. So he has grownup on the road.

“He enjoyed the touring,” said Madeline. “In fact he loved Korea so much he keeps asking to go back.”

How does Mum cope with the changes in country?

“I try to make myself at home wherever I am,” she said. “Just settle into a routine and not worry about anything.”

Will Jackson follow Mum’s footsteps into showbiz?

“He seems to be leaning that way,” said Madeline. “I think he will be a direction though. He has an eye for details and likes to tell people what to do and organise things. And if he’s being read a story it has to be exactly right – even down to accents. He is very keen on accents; he will tell me if it is wrong.”

So now she is looking forward to the Brisbane run of Cats and performed for the media on the new-look set, from the London Palladium production.

Cats ruins in the Brisbane Lyric Theatre, QPAC from Friday 29 January 2016. Bookings: QPAC 136 246 or Groups 12+ Call Group Bookings on (07) 3840 7466.

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