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Scaling the heights of Brisbane’s Story Bridge

I was invited to do this bridge climb, but an injured foot kept me on the sidelines, so my intrepid wife Deanne took on the adventure along with my daughter Kellie…

Deanne Scott (right), and Kellie Scott stand on top of the world.

Below right: Rapt attention at the safety briefing. On the way up

It was a typical Brisbane day. The Story Bridge was outlined against the blue sky. It looked high and formidable – and I was about to climb it courtesy of the Story Bridge Adventure Climb.

I wondered if I could make it! There were 4500 steps to be negotiated and I am not exactly as fit as I wished. On top of that I am afraid of heights!

Luckily the sun was shining because the climb is an all weather activity so they do climb in the rain. It needs and electrical storm or hail to force a cancellation.

The climbing group entered the office in Main Street, Kangaroo Point at 9.20 am we

were greeted by warm smiles and the staff quickly got us ready for the adventure.

The attention to detail and safety was very pleasing. We were given secure lockers for our belongings. No rings, bracelets, watches, cameras or mobile phones are allowed. Climbers must wear foot covering shoe but if they arrive not wearing the correct shoes, they will be provided!

Then we all had to take a breathalyser test and register under 0.05%! Hit the limit and patrons will forfeit their climb. We all passed the test.

We were given one piece overalls that were light and camouflaged so the drivers crossing the bridge don’t get distracted. We were also given caps and a harness that connected to a steel cable, which was something I put all my faith into as we started the accent.

After a nervous start my stomach settled and I began to really enjoy the views.

Our Guide Ryan was very engaging and professional and ensured we were all going well. I was also pleased to feel the cooling wind coming up from the river so we were not cooking in the sun.

We went right to the top and stopped and Ryan described what we could see. It was lovely looking down and watching the little red ferries chugging from one pier to the next. We were also told about building and history and could listen to the IPod provided to listen to further history of the city and the bridge.

We walked to the centre of the bridge and then followed the loop back. I was a little sad that we could not take the camera, but they took great photos for us and they were included in our package.

Climbing the bridge is something I have always wanted to do and I loved it. Now I feel very proud and pleased of myself when I look up at our bridge and think, “been there; done that!”

For bookings and full information phone: 1300 254 627 or go online at or email