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Max Gillies heads for Brisbane

Political satirist and funny-man Max Gillies is bringing his new show Once Were Leaders to Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s (QPAC’s) Cremorne Theatre from 16 to 18 November.

Well known for his popular 1980s ABC TV shows The Gillies Report and Gillies Republic, Max Gillies has been a keen observer of the political combat zone for half a century. His fascination with the ups and downs of political leadership has seen him parody everyone from Hawke to Thatcher and many more.

Once Max used to apply make-up, wigs and prosthetic enhancements in order to disguise himself. He doesn’t have those bits and pieces anymore. But he has accumulated a rich collection of caricatures.

In Once Were Leaders Max shares his memories of a life spent on the fringes of power; mining the archive for his favourite game changing speeches and recreating all the political characters, this time as just himself standing at a lectern, in a wonderful evening of reminiscing, satire and response to audience questions.

At QPAC from 16 to 18 November. To book go to or phone 136-246.

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