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Review: Beautifully bawdy Absinthe

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Photos: Michal Nowosadko and Zbigniew Sobierakski from Poland with the slow-motion hand balance; Laura von Bongard and Luka Clayburn’s aerial hoop duet; The Green Fairy.

Absinthe Tour Le Monde


King George Square


Season: from June 2, currently booking to June 28. Tuesday/Wednesday – 8 pm Thursday/Friday/Saturday - 7:30 pm & 9:30 pm, Sunday – 5 pm & 7 pm. Show duration 90 minutes with no interval. Bookings: Group Bookings are available to groups of 6 or more. Contact the Ticketek Group Bookings Department on 1300 364 001 or email

Another tent; another circus!

We’ve had a few lately with Cirque du Soleil, La Soiree, and now Absinthe.

But this one is circus with a difference – it’s rude, bawdy, and sexy with enough raving about sexual fantasies to make Bette Midler blush. Oh - it also has some amazing performers, with strength, aerial and balance – and a lady who climbs into a balloon and tap dances.

The bawdiness comes straight from the potty-mouths of hosts, the filthy rich Gazillionaire and his assistant Abby Bobbin. Gazillionaire sets the tone with his introduction: “If you are offended by bad language, sexual innuendo and dirty talk then you’ve come to the wrong f***ing place.”

But dirty as the talk is – and does get right down into the gutter – it manages to be hilariously funny rather than offensive. Both hosts have comic timing down perfectly and Abby Bobbin’s deepest sexual fantasies made the audience gasp in shock before howling with laughter. Her delivery was simply brilliant.

The huge Speigeltent, with a 700 seat capacity created the perfect atmosphere for this decedent Cabaret-style burlesque show.

Mind you, the seats, apart from the red plush booths that surround the rear of the tent, are hard and cushion-less and a bit hard on the backside. And a tip for the unwary: if you don’t want to get picked on or even pulled into the act stay away from the front row!

Gazillionaire picked on the gays and lesbians and the “liberals” and pulled a trio on stage for a bit of audience naughtiness.

There were plenty of scantily clad girls, nipple tassles and ripped, shirtless males in the smorgasbord of talent. There was even a “lesbian” aerial hoop act, where two gorgeous German girls, Laura von Bongard and Luka Clayburn, worked a sexy aerial hoop duet. This steamy bit of acrobatics premiered on this tour.

After a song and some sexy moving from The Green Fairy, Oleksandr Volohdin did some scary balancing on a tower of precariously placed chairs. There was also a Ukrainian group, The Lost Souls who showed some amazing strength and balance with their Banquine Act.

It was back to the sexy with Americans Jacob Oberman and Maika Isogawa (USA) on the Duo Straps.

Just when you thought the best had been witnessed in came Michal Nowosadko and Zbigniew Sobierakski from Poland with the most amazing slow-motion hand balance. I’m sure they dis impossible things as they lay horizontal in the air held up only by their strength. It was mind-blowing.

While we heard some more sexual laments from Abby Bobbins a metal square was being built in the centre of the tent. This turned out to be a double horizontal bar.

We have all seen the twists and turns on the bar during the Olympics, but what Los Dos Tacos (Andrei Sizonenka and Aliaksandr Yurkavets from Belarus) did was once again unbelievable and positively scary to watch. One slip and someone would have flown straight into the audience, just inches away from the action.

There was also a High Wire act, The Frat Pack from the USA. Again great skills, some comedy, and tension-building wanders across the wire.

It was 90 minutes of memorable action and bawdy fun.

The show is, very wisely, recommended for ages 15 and above and features some nudity and (very) strong language.

Tickets: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: $54 - $134, Friday/Saturday/Sunday: $64 - $154. Transaction fees and charges may apply. VIP Ringside Tickets are available & include a seat in the front 2 rows, priority entry and a complimentary beverage.

Getting into the mood at the champagne bash before the show. Photos: Deanne Scott


Naked Magician Chris Wayne with his Mum along with Sam Klinger and Kirsty Symington.

Below left: Rosemary Williams, Bradley Chatfiweld and Caroline Russo.

Below right: Damien Rossi and Eric Scott.

Bottom: The party in full swing.