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Third time lucky for Sydney’s look at Triple-X

Glace Chase and Josh McConville in Triple X. Photo: Rene Vaile

The highly-anticipated Triple X – a semi-autobiographical trans love story by two-time Griffin Award-winning playwright and trans performer Glace Chase – will finally have its Sydney Theatre Company premiere at the Wharf in January 2022 after being rescheduled twice due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

A co-production between STC and Queensland Theatre Company, Triple X is a funny, provocative and tender love story. Originally slated to premiere in both cities in 2020, the show finally opened to 5-star reviews in Brisbane March 2021 before the Sydney season was rescheduled again due to the Delta outbreak.

Triple X examines the relationship between straight ‘Wall Street banker bro’ Scotty - JoshMcConville (Death of a Salesman) - and trans performer Dexie (Chase) who begin an affair, just a few months before Scotty is due to marry his ‘perfect’ fiancée. The entirety of the stellar supporting cast will also return in 2022, including Christen O'Leary, Contessa Treffone (Death of a Salesman) and Elijah Williams in his STC debut.

Glace – a self-described “trans queen” – says, while Triple X is a story deep from her heart, the themes it delves into are universal.

“Even more than identity politics, Triple X is a love story between two very conflicted, passionate souls - who doesn’t love a sexy thwarted romance?!,” Chase said.

“This is the show that will not quit - after a lot of setbacks it’s finally time. I’m delighted that everyone - cast, creatives and crew - are returning. This team’s determined commitment is testament to what the play and this production achieves: an honest, hilarious, sexy and surprisingly relatable depiction of the perils and pleasures of trans romance. Of course it’s personal for me - it’s based on my life - but it’s become personal for everyone, to give this untold story the production it deserves. I can’t wait for Sydney to enjoy the first trans love story to ever hit a mainstage.”

STC's Associate Director Paige Rattray (The Beauty Queen of Leenane) has been working on the show with Glace for almost five years and says the creative team are beyond excited to bring this show to Sydney audiences.

“In Triple X, Glace has channeled her lived experience to examine important, prevalent issues including toxic masculinity, societal norms, gender politics and trans love,” Rattray said.

“Mainstage audiences deserve to witness this ground-breaking show, written by one of the most entertaining yet profound writers I’ve ever worked with. This play has definitely changed the way I think about the world and I can’t wait for more people to share in the revelatory experience that is Triple X.”

Triple X will finally have its STC debut in the Wharf 1 Theatre from 8 January - 26 February in 2022. Tickets on sale now:


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