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The Importance of Being Wasted: Oscar Wilde's classic with a twist

Things are going to get Wilde this May with a new comedy from Act React.

In their first show back after an extended Covid-19 induced hiatus, the brains behind the cult “The Movie: The Play” shows are turning their eyes to a progenitor of pop culture, Oscar Wilde.

The Importance of Being Wasted will take the Irish playwright’s most famous work and add a drop or three of alcohol, with two actors performing while plastered each night.

“The Importance of Being Earnest is a delicious satirical romp through upper crust English society, famous for its rapid-fire dialogue and comic timing,” Act React producer Natalie Bochenski said.

“It’s a play that requires focus and clarity of speech - so we’re throwing booze into the mix to see what happens.”

Bochenski said each performance would be unique, with a different combination of inebriated thespians attempting to deliver Wilde's witticisms while wasted.

“We love injecting unpredictability into our shows, and walking that tightrope of chaos and control. Having a few drinks under their belts will be an extra test of our brilliant cast's mettle.”

7,8,9 May Lord Alfred Hotel, Petrie Tce

14,15, 20, 21 May Alliance Hotel, Spring Hill

22 May Jumping Goats Bar, Margate

Tickets $33/$28

book via:

Fortune telling, fakery and fun at the Anywhere Festival

If you've ever scoffed at psychics, mocked mystics or thought fortune telling was a load of faff, then The Great Grandiosa is the show for you.

This Marvellous Mystic of Mirth will welcome seekers into her grotto to provide spiritualist services including communing with those in the Other Worlds, tarot, dream interpretation, crystal ball-gazing, and palm reading.

The Divine Delphian Diva and her Acolytes will spin comedy gold from audience responses.

"From its earliest days the world of spiritualism has been rife with personalities and conventions ripe for parody,” Act React producer and The Great Grandiosa's "handler" Natalie Bochenski said.

"A convincing psychic has to improvise, so we're just taking it to extreme lengths for laughs."

The Great Grandiosa responded “I am NOT a parody. I am a Supersensory Clairvoyant of Alchemy and Metaphysics, and you don’t need a crystal ball to see that.”

9, 16, 23 May at The Sideshow, West End

Tickets $25/$20

book via:


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