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Review - Avenue Q: entertaining and memorable experience

By Liv Wilson

Avenue Q

Music and Lyrics by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx

Book by Jeff Whitty

Book based on an original concept by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx

Directors Tayla Simpson & Daniel Dosek

Vocal Director Rachel Love

Band Director Peter Lavrencic

Crete St Theatre, Beenleigh

Tickets from $35 available here:

Avenue Q tells the story of a recent college graduate trying to find his way in the world. Set in New York City all the way out on Avenue Q (he couldn’t afford anything better), we are introduced to fresh-faced Princeton as he struggles to find his purpose: meeting friends, finding love, losing love, and finding it again, along the way. Inspired by the beloved children’s show Sesame Street, Avenue Q creates a puppet-filled world that is a little more reflective of the difficult, R-rated realities that we face when we learn that real life isn’t as simple as we dreamed it might be – but perhaps, suggests Avenue Q, life is all the more colourful and worthwhile for it.

The Saturday night performance was a spectacular production that left the audience captivated from the first musical interlude to the final curtain call. This performance exceeded all expectations, demonstrating a high level of skill in all aspects of the production including casting, vocals, staging, accents, movement, and comedic timing. It sets a new standard for BTG, and it is certain that the theatre will be filled to capacity during this season.

Michael Mills delivered a standout performance as Princeton. His quirky timing and exceptional puppetry skills brought a new level of creativity to each scene he appeared in. Mills showcased his exceptional vocal range and impressive comedic talent, cementing his position as one of the most versatile performers in the production. His performance in I Wish I Could Go Back To College in Act 2 was particularly noteworthy, blending incredibly well with Rachel Love's portrayal of Kate Monster and Mark Rickell's portrayal of Nicky.

Rachel Love's portrayal of Kate Monster was equally remarkable, capturing the character's sweetness and motivation with precision. Her character voice and musical vocals were flawless, reflecting her outstanding skills as a Vocal Director. Her performance of There’s A Fine, Fine Line was particularly moving, displaying her remarkable interpretation of the lyrics and impeccable melodic control. Love's comedic timing was also commendable, providing a perfect balance to the musical.

Mark Rickell and Michael Ware's portrayal of Nicky and Rod respectively were equally outstanding. Their character voices were clear, and they captured the personality of their respective puppets exceptionally well, making their performances instantly believable. Rickell's vocal abilities were phenomenal, impressing the audience on several occasions, particularly in If You Were Gay and Schadenfreude. Ware's performance in My Girlfriend from Canada was outstanding, receiving thunderous applause from the audience. Dan Konstantinos' performance as Trekki Monster was a crowd favourite, delivering an exceptional performance of The Internet is for Porn and The Money Song (Reprise). His comedic timing and physicality were both hilarious, and his vocal choices, reminiscent of the beloved 'Cookie Monster,' were received well by the audience. Konstantinos' talent as a comedic performer was undeniable, and it is no surprise that Avenue Q is his breakout role in community theatre.

The production team's use of digital mediums, lighting, and sound effects was on a new level for Beenleigh Theatre Group, setting a new standard that will undoubtedly be maintained for years to come. The New York billboard changing numerous times throughout the show, each featuring witty puppet-puns, was a particular highlight, advancing the storyline and adding an extra dimension of crude humour.

Clare Thomson's outstanding vocals as Lucy The Slut, with her deep, raspy, jazzy tone, were perfect for the character. The puppetry direction for Lucy T. Slut was spot on and implemented exceptionally well by Thomson.

Although there were some minor audio issues during the show, these were quickly resolved during the first act. The quick wit and fast-paced dialogue were critical elements that deserve to be heard, especially for those who had not seen the show before. These minor tech-problems will undoubtedly be easily resolved in the future.

The 'humans' living on Avenue Q, Lonnie Toia as Brian, Rowena Orcullo Ryan as Christmas Eve, and Zara Lassey as Gary Coleman, were all ridiculously funny in their respective roles. Ryan's duet with Love in The More You Ruv Someone was particularly moving, while Lassey's high-energy performance and remarkable vocals were standouts. Her duet with Rickell in Act 2, Schadenfreude, was one of the highlights of the show, capturing the quick wit and incredible voices of both performers.

Tayla Simpson and Daniel Dosek directed the show in a fresh way while preserving the iconic hat musical theatre nerds know and love. Their staging choices and use of props were complimentary of the BTG stage which I was happy to see prioritised in this production.

The small but mighty band that accompanied the performers throughout the show deserves a special mention. Led by Peter Lavrencic, the band provided a flawless musical backdrop, delivering a fun and challenging score with precision and energy. From upbeat show tunes to poignant ballads, the band's performance was a crucial component of the production's success, adding depth and richness to the already impressive performances on stage.

Beenleigh Theatre Group's production of Avenue Q is a triumph, featuring outstanding performances, fantastic direction, and excellent production value. The entire cast and crew should be commended for their hard work and dedication to creating an entertaining and memorable experience for the audience.

From the hilarious puppetry and witty dialogue to the beautiful musical numbers, this production is sure to delight both fans of the original show and newcomers to the world of Avenue Q. With its high-energy performances and sharp comedic timing, the show will leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to see it.

If you're looking for a night of laughter, music, and top-quality community theatre, then Avenue Q at the Crete Street Theatre in Beenleigh is an absolute must-see. Book your tickets now and prepare to be wowed!


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