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David Williamson’s Nearer The Gods – To Open At Sydney's Ensemble Theatre

Sydney: Nearer the Gods, by David Williamson is a comic black drama about how one of the greatest moments of scientific illumination almost didn’t happen. The play will open at Ensemble Theatre on 4 March 2022. David Williamson exposes the abrasive personalities of revered scientific giants Sir Issac Newton and astronomer Edmund Halley to show even geniuses are not infallible. Petty politics, inflated egos and fierce rivalries almost jeopardise one of the greatest discoveries in human advancement; Sir Issac Newton’s laws of motion. Under the orders of pompous King Charles II (Sean O’Shea), determined young astronomer Edmund Halley (Rowan Davie) must wrangle the secrets of the universe from the brain of capricious and contrary Newton. It may be 1684 but Williamson’s comic re-imagining through a contemporary lens puts the focus firmly on the human tale of rivalry and discovery, of personal trials against a corrupt establishment, of self-doubt versus arrogance, and faith versus reason. We are thrilled to stage this brilliant play with a fine cast of actors under the direction of Janine Watson said Mark Kilmurry, Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre. Isaac Newton gave the world one of the greatest leap in knowledge we’ve ever been gifted. He showed that gravity wasn’t just some odd little local force that pulled apples to the ground but the powerful invisible glue that stretched to infinity and held our whole universe together. What isn’t as well known is the intense drama surrounding the discovery. Drama which almost stopped it happening. The problem was twofold. Newton had one of the most powerful brains of all time, but just when that brain was needed he was on the verge of becoming unhinged. DETAILS: Previews $77 In season $82 Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli


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