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Voca People head to Australia in May

Full of energy and laughter, Voca People are an international a-cappella musical comedy act that has been seen in more than 44 countries by three million people. It’s now Australia’s turn to hear these original theatrical harmonies for the first time when Voca People perform their premiere season in Sydney on 1 May and Melbourne on 3 May.

Dressing their whole bodies in milky-white with ruby-red lips, Voca People present themselves as a group of friendly aliens from the planet Voca, somewhere behind the sun...where all communication is made by music and vocal expressions. The Voca People believe that life is music and music is life. They visit planet Earth and they have a lot to sing about.

Without any instruments or sound effects, Voca People combine flawless a-cappella and modern beat-box simulations to recreate music - taking audiences through a musical odyssey featuring more than 80 a-cappella and beat-box versions of all-time favourite hits. Artists featured in the performance are very diverse, including Madonna, Michael Jackson and Mozart.

These eight talented alien singers are also comedians who engage the audience in a way that delights the crowd. Every show of Voca People is a unique and energetic musical that provides you with lots of excitement - from the history of music, to the songs of silver screen, to the music of love and more.

Watch Voca People at Sydney: State Theatre, 39 Market Street, Sydney, Friday 1 May at 1pm & 7.30pm. Tickets from $49. Bookings:

Melbourne: Hamer Hall, Melbourne. Sunday 3 May 1pm & 7.30pm.Tickets from $59 Bookings:

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