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Review - Cluedo! The interactive game: Who killed the doctor?

Cluedo! The interactive game Directed by Xanthe Jones

Produced by Brisbane Immersive Ensemble Baedeker Bar

Fortitude valley


Cluedo! The Interactive Game has, once again, struck: with murder.

Sounds ominous? Well you’re in for a treat. Running in various iterations since 2017, the team at Brisbane Immersive Ensemble have brought to the quaint Baedeker Bar, situated in the Valley, a feast for the eyes and cunning amateur detective in all of us.

As each audience member filed in, they were given a coloured pin and introduced to “Dr Black” the esteemed host of a 1930’s house party that soon becomes the tragic victim of a murder.

That’s all I will say for now, however. As the night whiled away, the audience was encouraged at every turn to interact with the modestly-sized cast in order to solve the mystery of ‘who killed Dr Black?’ and attain the glory and bragging rights of having won the game of Cluedo!

Eventually, each audience member was split into teams according to the colour of their pin and sent on their way. Operating as a team or in pairs, or even alone, audience members spent most of the night looking for clues.

At every turn and in every room, there was something to find. Was there a clue in the study? Or the dining room perhaps? That is something only the murderer knows. But in time, the audience pieced together the clues and, by the mighty power of elimination, solved the murder.

Last night, it was the blue team that won, however, with every night comes a fresh set of eyes and minds so who knows who will win the subsequent nights that follow?

Cluedo! was a new look into what theatre can be. It was an entirely different experience that allowed its audience members to play along and be an actor or if you will, an amateur detective for the night.

This experience allows one to see the potential there is for art and the arts and wonder what else there might be. This show runs until May 25.

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