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New Spin on ‘Dial M for Murder’

Candice Jean and Sophie Lawson.

Gold Coast director Nathan Schultz, who bills himself as The Drama Merchant, is putting a new spin on the classic thriller Dial M for Murder.

Schulz has re-imagined Frederick Knotts’ original 1952 theatre script, adapted for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie back in 1954, for a female same sex couple.

“It’s the first time ever this play will be performed with two women playing the leads,” says Nathan.

The play centres on ex-tennis pro Toni Wendice (Candice Jean) who discovers her wealthy ‘wife’ Sheila (Sophie Lawson) is having an affair - with a man – and follows events as burning rage turns to a cold murderous calculation.

Driven by revenge and greed for Sheila’s substantial wealth, Toni embarks on an elaborate plot to commit the perfect murder.

“Although the writer has provided us with the obligatory corpse, the play is more of a psychological thriller, a cat-and-mouse waiting game,” say Nathan.

This noir thriller, brought to the big screen by Hitchcock, transforms the whodunit into ‘will they get away with it?

In another intriguing element audiences will watch Toni’s deeds unfold in the setting of the Gold Coast’s historic Preece House, which was built in 1948. The intimate, fly-on-the-wall setting adds an immersive element to the play that gives it an eerie underscoring.

“Performing this play in an actual house really adds tension,” says Nathan. “The audience see the characters move from room to room and it’s often what you don’t see that’s most troubling,

“We are the only Gold Coast theatre company currently performing shows in this way.”

Dial M for Murder stars Candice Jean (Toni Wendice), Sophie Lawson (Sheila Wendice), Nathan Schulz (Max), Lachlan Sutherland (Captain Lesgate) and Craig A Kocinski (Inspector Hubbard).

Dial M for Murder will be performed at Preece House, Nerang from 14 – 29 March, 2019. Some shows are booked out but there are still seats available for the March 28 & 29 performances at 7.30pm.

Tickets can be purchased at

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