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Search for an undeceased parrot

Righ: Nathan Schulz as Long John Silver

Gold Coast theatrical all-rounder, Nathan Schulz, is looking for an elusive woman with a parrot on her shoulder for his new radio- style production of the classic boys’ own adventure Treasure Island.

Nathan, who is presenting a new version of Orson Welles’ 1938 Mercury Theatre on Air show at the Burleigh Common next month, believes the woman was among the 15,000 Games Shapers at the recent Gold Coast sports fest.

“We heard that one of the Commonwealth Games volunteers turned up for her shift at the Games Village early one morning with the parrot,” says Nathan.

“It appears she got through the security checks okay, but then received a rather cool reception from her supervisor.”

The Treasure Island production team would like to invite the woman to join their band of cutthroat swashbuckling pirates for their rip-roaring show.

“We’ve got an actor voicing the parrot but would be happy if the pet wanted to take on the role of dialect coach,” says Nathan.

“Robert Louis Stevenson published Treasure Island in the early 1880s and it quickly earned him widespread fame and became a firm family favourite.”

There have been more than 50 movie and TV versions of the popular yarn, including the pre-war radio show and Welles’ 1972 movie version in which he played Long John Silver.

In this Coast version Nathan will play the devilish Silver and Ruby Allen will voice the role of Jim Hawkins.

In the meantime Nathan is also working on a new Javeenbah Theatre production of Hugh Whitemore’s 1983 play, Pack of Lies, about reds under the bed in suburban London.

This topical award-winning tale of Russian espionage tells the true tale of an ordinary couple from the burbs who are shocked to learn that there’s a nest of spies living next door.

“If there’s any Russian operatives spying on the Coast I wouldn’t mind hearing from them as well, but I honestly don’t think that would happen,” chuckles Nathan.

The Treasure Island is part of The Radioplay Hour, which is produced by the Drama Merchant & Nathan Schulz presents. It runs May 16, 18 and 19, while Pack of Lies opens on July 13 and continues until July 28.

For more information call Nathan Schulz on 0412263281 or visit and click on The Radioplay Hour for ticketing details.

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