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Ruby Slipper Chronicles heads for Gold Coast

Aurélie Roque (pictured) is not in Kansas anymore, as she gets set to arrive at The Arts Centre Gold Coast this November 3 and 4, performing her new cabaret, Ruby Slipper Chronicles.

A part of the centre’s SideShow series and co-presented by The Arts Centre Gold Coast, Kansas native, Aurélie has transformed her parallels with the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy into a cabaret, featuring Lions, Tigers and Bears....

After a successful season in Brisbane in June, the one-woman cabaret, under the musical direction of Luke Volker will tell the story of the trials, turmoil and triumphs Aurélie faced when she hitched up her blue and white checks en route to Australia four years ago.

“The sweet, yet sassy Dorothy was thrust into Munchkinland at the grips of a tornado, meanwhile, I left Kansas during a tornado and arrived in Australia – seriously! Australia was my ‘Oz’!” Aurélie said.

“Just like Dorothy, on my journey I’ve had to distinguish between the good and the bad witches, while finding my new friends including my own Tinman and Scarecrow.”

Aurélie has woven evocative anecdotes into the cabaret, with her diverse vocals to captivate audiences through a variety of excitingly tweaked tunes across the genres of musical theatre, pop and a “Toto-sized dash of country”.

“It’s been quite the journey and I’m excited to tell it through a wide repertoire of music thoughtfully tweaked by myself, my MD Luke, and even my husband, to guide the narrative,” Aurélie said.

“My cabaret has it all – from my encounters with Australia’s wacky sayings, for example, an Aussie might say ‘sweet as…’ and I wonder ‘as what?’ – to my experiences of delving into the performing arts scene taking me across Queensland, including into Dracula’s on the Gold Coast.

“It’s strangely satisfying to showcase my personal story. I mean really, in a country where just about everything is poisonous, I’m surprised my Dorothy has lasted this long. Perhaps there is no place like AUS!”

Ruby Slipper Chronicles shows 8.15 pm Friday and Saturday November 3 and 4 at The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s Basement, 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise. Tickets are $35 for adults and $105 for a table of four, on sale via

Please note, this cabaret contains strong language and adult content.

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