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"An hilarious journey of extremes"

I don’t usually use un-edited press releases on my blog, but I thought I would this time. It’s material from Karen Lee Roberts.

“I have suffered with bipolar disorder for over twenty years. I have had a multitude of struggles over this time. Through various methods of challenging the illness by “wellness” strategies, I have risen above adversity and become a successful performer and writer in my own right.

I have written a cabaret, It’s Not Easy Being Green, to inform and educate the community about how to beat the odds. It's Not Easy Being Green is a high-energy, emotionally charged cabaret that challenges the perceptions that ‘mental illness’ is a dirty word.

I, Karen Lee Roberts, am tour guide on a hilarious journey of extremes based on real-life experiences and some figments of my unbridled imagination. I am joined onstage by legendary jazz and blues pianist, Jeff Usher as we take you on a guided tour through the life of Alexandra (a facet of my personality).

This show has something for everyone; flirtatious interactions with the audience, yoga (with a little mania on the side), beautiful blues, a measure of social awkwardness, a lap-dance and a quarter-marathon rap with beat-box accompaniment.

It’s Not Easy Being Green is a light-hearted trip, deep into the twisted rabbit-hole of the human psyche. As passionate as it is funny, the show will inspire, entertain and start that conversation we all need to have with ourselves and with each other.

This manically funny show about conquering adversity and battling inner turmoil is great therapy. Cheaper than a visit to the therapist a ticket to this show is a prescription for a healthy dose of laughter and tears.

Performed by myself, accompanied by Jeff Usher and directed by Catarina Hebbard, featuring original music and quirky text, It’s Not Easy Being Green will reach out to minds, hearts and souls.

It is showing at Room to Play in Paddington on October 7-8.

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