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The Matilda Award celebrations - in pictures

Cast and creatives on Pillowman, which won best Independent Production

Photos by Deanne Scott

Right: Libby Munro and Naomi Price, bpth happy winners.

A good time was had by one and all at the Matilda Awards on Monday night at the Gardens Theatre, QUT Campus ohm George Street and absolutetheatre was there join the celebrations.

There was entertainment from the ACPA student singers and dancer and the high antics of Carita Farrer Spencer and Leigh Buchanan in a gender bending performance as comperes and jokesters. Then there was the added fun of Leon Cain’s guest appearances as presenter and a bit of cheek from Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and State Government Minister Grace Grace also joined in the fun,

Organiser Rosemary Walker introduced the show and Alison Coates, a co-founder of the Matilda Awards with Sue Gough 29 years ago, gave a somewhat controversial valedictory speech after ending her stint with the judging committee.

Overall it was a coupel opf hours of fun and acclaim as the winners took their awards away to enjoy a drink and supper in thr foyers of the theatre.

Left: Grace Grace succumbs to Carita Farrer Spencer's charms as she is serenaded with Amazing Grace. While below Rosemary Walker suffers a similar fate.

QTC Artistic Director Sam Strong with awarsd winner Tama Matheson. Below Tama is greeted by Leigh Buxhanan's alter-ego Barbara Windsoroo

Close encounters with Libby Munro and Barbara Windsoroo

Sven Swenson (left) was inducted into the Matildas Hall of Fame while Josh

McIntosh won the design award.

Below left is Naomi Priuce and partner Luke

Kennedy and right is Brisbane Lord Mayor

Graham Quirk

Below: Alison Coates gives her valedictory speech Right another winner in Georgina Hopson

The ACPA dancers and singers.

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