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World Premiere of Kenny to premiere at Sydney's Ensemble Theatre

Kenny, the popular film which has now been adapted for the stage, will open at Ensemble Theatre on January 15 as part of the Sydney Festival. The play, a World Premiere, has been adapted by Steve Rodgers.

Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director, Mark Kilmurry, who is also directing Kenny said “we are delighted this play is an Ensemble Theatre commission and part of the Sydney Festival. I was thrilled when Clayton Jacobson gave his permission to adapt for the stage as Kenny is close to many people’s hearts. Kenny is the fearless Aussie plumber who looks for the best in every situation. I am thrilled to be working with Ben Wood who will play the irreverent and self-deprecating Kenny and delighted Stevie Rodgers said yes to adapting the script for the stage. It is very exciting to be opening our theatre doors with such an iconic and well -loved character.’

When your work can’t get any lower your expectations can only soar. A knight in shining overalls, Kenny is proud of his work, despite his Dad’s harsh judgements and the ignorant members of the public who take him for granted. In this classic riff on decency, Kenny’s off-beat humour and wide-eyed wonder at life’s possibilities are inspirational reminders that all that glisters is not necessarily gold…

“When Mark came to me with the idea of adapting Kenny, my mind immediately shot back to my experience seeing the film over ten years ago, and the enormous heart of the character and story. In our current age, so beholden to aspirational values, Kenny is an antidote to that win at all costs mentality, claiming decency and dignity as true measures of what it means to live a good life. Kind of like a Ted talk, come and hear Kenny talk about the types of work too many of us turn up our noses at. It’ll be warm, funny, and an education in sanitation,” said Steve Rodgers.

Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli, 15 January – 7 February 2021. Opening night 20 January 8.15pm. Tickets: Previews $74, Seniors $71, Pensioner $67. In Season tickets $79, Seniors $76, Pensioner $72.

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