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Review - The Last Five Years: It was a good night

By Nahima Kern

The Last Five Years

Written by Jason Robert Brown

Directed by Darren Yap

La Boite Theatre

Kelvin Grove

Season runs until June 18. Duration 90 minutes without interval. Bookings:

The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown has seen an enduring legacy as well as clamouring fans extoling upon its beauty and grace since its release into the world of American musical theatre in 2005. From 17 years ago to now, fans of the musical have ensured it remains relevant.

The audience filled the La Boite roundhouse theatre almost to the brim for the opening night performance – the usual chatter and hubbub wended through the space in anticipation of a great show. The two-hander began with a bang and ended with a bittersweet fizzle, of the best kind.

Danielle Remulta as Cathy and Robert Tripolino as Jamie did their very best and sang their hearts out an, despite the patchy on-and-off live sound mixing, did so to great effect. The story of The Last Five Years follows the hapless writer Jamie, and the somewhat successful actress Cathy. Through small vignettes in the form of song, the audience was treated to slices of their lives and the beginning and end of their bitter relationship.

From the iconic beginning in I’m Still Hurting, to the rollercoaster Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You the audience was seemingly captivated and clapped and stamped their feet in appreciation.

The live band was easily one of the best parts of the show, with the pianist doubling as conductor. The guitars, cellos, and violins also played their collective hearts out and met the challenges that came with Robert Brown’s complex score with ease. The end of the show saw a standing ovation from most of the audience, which is always the ultimate sign of appreciation. Trundling reluctantly into the frigid night, it was good to reflect on what had just transpired. It was a good night.


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