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Queensland Theatre’s free live reading of Miracles at Cookie’s Table

Queensland Theatre’s free online series Play Club continues on Tuesday, June 2 at 7.30pm with the live reading of The Story of the Miracles at Cookie’s Table by Wesley Enoch, directed by QT’s Isaac Drandic.

Featuring stage stars Guy Simon (Black Diggers, First Love is the Revolution), Ursula Yovich (Barbara and the Camp Dogs, Mother Courage and Her Children, Mystery Road) and Roxanne McDonald (Head Full of Love, From Darkness), The Story of the Miracle at Cookie's Table is a moving testament to culture lived, lost and found, the strength of family, adapting and gathering together. This moving and funny work, set within an Indigenous Stradbroke Island family, is a universal love story about the destructive and restorative relationships between generations. A Q&A session will follow the reading.

Queensland Theatre’s Play Club occurs every three weeks, features the work of Australian playwrights and is a free livestreamed event using Zoom webinar. Bookings however, are essential and strictly limited. Register at

About The Story of the Miracles at Cookie’s Table.

"Let this table be a home for me. Let it be a home for all the lost and the hungry. May all my children and my children's children eat at this table."

In the 1870's a girl is born under a tree — her birth tree — chosen to give her strength and wisdom. When the tree is cut down she follows it into the white man's world, working as a cook for the big house on the island. Her tree has become a kitchen table, one she will pass down through successive generations as a legacy — a way of carving out her family stories. Now, generations later, a young man and his mother fight for ownership of the table.

“We believe theatre should be open, even when it’s closed, and so Queensland Theatre is going digital. Through our Quality Time with QT program we are inviting our supporters to join us behind the curtain for play readings with some of your favourite actors, conversations with creatives, practical production tutorials and a celebration of 50 seasons of stories. Together, let’s share our love of theatre by shifting our conversations from crowded foyers into our homes,” said Lee Lewis, Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre.

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