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Love, sex and the dirty linen

Pictured: The Dirty Laundry team

Do you have questions relating to love, dating, and intimacy want answers? Air Your Dirty Laundry LIVE with Belinda Love will be performed at Brisbane Powerhouse for three performances on the 6th & 7th September - hosted by love coach and NLP Practitioner Belinda Love.

In a world-premiere, Belinda Love along with a panel of experts will hear from people in the audience who want to share their concerns regarding love, dating, and intimacy and receive instant advice.

Dating Coach Mark Rosenfeld, Sexologist Madison Missina, Married at First Sights’ Dan Webb and Roving Reporter Stevie Mac along with host & creator Belinda Love will engage and entertain audiences.

Air Your Dirty Laundry LIVE apes the motions of a wash cycle: Dirty Laundry - A guest is randomly selected from the audience to air their dirty laundry to find a resolution.

Wash Cycle - The panel offers opinions to aid in the question resolution.

Spin Cycle - Roving Reporter Stevie Mac stirs the pot with his opinions & gains a broader perspective of the situation from the audience.

Unfolding Thoughts - Belinda Love will share final thoughts with the audience.

“Genuine love is something we all want in our lives, yet struggle to find” said Creator & Host Belinda Love. “Our show will transform the way you find love whilst delivering authentic, fun and quirky content. It’s unique and truly worth the experience.”

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