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Bush Bands Bash: a booming indigenous rock underground

Bush Bands Bash will return to Alice Springs this September to uncover the booming underground world of Indigenous rock, and showcase the talents residing across outback Australia.

Alice Springs’ Telegraph Station will come alive on Sunday, September 8 with the sounds of Bush Bands Bash at the annual celebration of Aboriginal music in the desert.

One of this year’s break-out Indigenous talents talents the Mambali Band will perform their debut single Fish Hawk and latest release Yuwani, two songs which has seen the band break-down barriers and bring a modern takes of traditional songs to a national Australian audience.

"It’s in communities like Alice Springs, and events like Bush Bands that some of the greatest talents in our country are hidden. I've seen guitarist that could out shred Slash in these communities and it’s time they got the recognition they deserve," said Brad Bara from Mambali.

Also joining Mambali Band will be the Barkly Drifters, Mutitjulu Band, Rising Wind Band, Eylandt Band, Docker River Band, Mala Band, MB Reggae, Patsy Coleman, Lena Kellie and Celestine Delvene.

In the lead up to the concert the musicians will be working with national inspiring national mentors and industry heavyweights to hone their craft and polish their skills ready for the event, then six bands from across the Northern Territory and the tri-state region will be selected to attend mentoring sessions as part of Bush Bands Business, offering them the opportunity to learn new skills, meet other musicians and create lasting industry relationships.

“Bush Bands Bash is a celebration of the talented musicians in our community. It's a time where they can let loose on stage and really show what they can do," said Bush Bands Bash Program Manager, Laurie May. "It’s also an opportunity to showcase those talents for members of the national industry, so that our message goes further.”

A culmination of two of Australia’s top music industry events, Bush Bands Business and Bush Bands Bash; the event gives the opportunity for the public to share in a rich history of desert music and culture, and provides remote artists the opportunity to connect with the national music industry.

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