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Review – Act 1’s I Do, I Do, I Do: Highly recommended

The happy couple: Jamie (Troy Bullock), and his his long time partner Diana (Cara Biffin).

I Do, I Do, I Do

By Robin Hawdon

Directed by Trevor Howden

Act 1 Theatre


Season: February 16 – March 3. Bookings: 0458 579 269 or

Wow what a great show! This was to be a society wedding, the likes of which we never see in our lives.

The action takes place in the palatial manor of Anne whose son is to marry his long time partner, Diana. As the play proceeds, the arrangements for the wedding have to be changed as the relationships chop and change with remarkable speed. Much of this turmoil had the audience reacting with worry and concern before laughing at the action before them.

Director, Trevor Howden, has assembled a very good cast to perform in a suitably ornate palatial room – even down to the chandelier. This set the atmosphere for the action of the changing relationships we were to see – and enjoy.

Some of the movements could have been more varied in Act 1 but the interaction of all actors kept the audience enthralled.

Tracey Zielinski, playing Anne, the mother, was the link holding both the family and play together. She was the strength needed in a finely tuned performance. Her son Jamie, Troy Bullock, was to marry his long time partner Diana, Cara Biffin, until Geoff, a friend to them both arrives. Josh Quail plays this emotional intruder well .

Finally the daughter Holly ( Elleia Russell ) and her boyfriend Tom (Justin Wallace) add more confusion to the mix and to the questions of the various relationships both past, present and future we can expect to see. Cara Biffin was the centre of the play and made us feel both for her and against her. Well done indeed. Without an emotional expressive performance of Diana the play would have failed.

The audience was left guessing right to the very end as to whom Diana would marry and I think there was money on each of the three beaux. The audience related to the theme of the play as it was so relevant to the present day world.

Well done Act 1. I do, I do highly recommend it.

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