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Broken time and place

A soldier is being held hostage. Two boys are searching for monsters.

These events are connected by both family and time … but what story can be told when family and time are broken?

Covering the space of 12 years, Shivered unpicks the story of two families and then re-weaves it into something new and startling.

Seven people, one war, a derelict car plant, and mysterious lights in the sky … all come together in Draylingstowe, Essex, where the view from green hills once offered hope and prosperity for all.

Mad March Hare Theatre Company is a new addition to the Sydney independent theatre scene. Their brand of theatre was most recently seen in the revival of Jonathan Gavin’s A Moment on the Lips at the Old Fitzroy Theatre in 2014.

Now they bring their unique style to bear on the work of contemporary British playwright Philip Ridley (Tender Napalm, Vincent River, Piranha Heights, Mercury Fur) – with this Australian premiere of his 2012 play Shivered.

Shivered is about fragmentation, about the break-up of families, friendships, and community, and the shattering of certainties between reality and fantasy. Seventeen brilliantly linked scenes are performed non-chronologically, moving back and forth in time, painfully piecing together the shards of glass.

Director/Producer Claudia Barrie, cast: Josh Anderson, Joseph Del Re, Rhonda Doyle, Libby Fleming, Andrew Johnston, Brendan Miles, Liam Nunan

Season 7–30 may Tuesday – Saturday 7 pm. Ticket prices previews $22, concessions $26, full price $32. Pact Theatre, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville

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